Tamilnadu Women

Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women


In a traditionally conservative society like Tamil Nadu, risk-aversion is common.  Women are a further step behind the average man, having to contend with gender barriers in financial institutions, discouragement in families, lower levels of education and confidence. 

DeW proposes to break such barriers by a facilitative approach through Self Help groups.

Build capacity of NGOs for supporting entreneurship amongst women
Training in business management for women.  
Skill upgradation for women.  

DeW has commenced the following: 

1) 4 Training of Trainers courses have been conducted  for NGO trainers for promoting  microenterprises amongst SHG women. 

2)  A training manual for use of NGO trainers while training SHGs taking up microenterprises is under development.  It is being put up on the web for comments shortly.

Case studies of a few SHGs which have taken up microenterprises is given:

Case Study - Group Profile - Trichy - Thogamalai
Case Study - Group Profile - Theni - Periyakulam
Case Study - Group Profile - Dharmapuri - Palacode

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