Tamilnadu Women

Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women


I. Preamble

Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Limited (DeW), in partnership with Non-Governmental Organizations, Banks, Training Institutions and Educational Institutions, is implementing various development programmes for women in Tamil Nadu since 1983.This charter is formulated with the main objective of re-engineering DeW into a responsive and transparent organization that recognizes the needs of its partners and clientele and responds to them in the interest of development of women. 

Corporation Clientele - Women, especially poor and disadvantaged.
Corporation Thrust areas - Collective Action, skills up gradation for social and economic development 
Corporation's Partners - Voluntary Agencies (NGOs), Training institutions, Banks.
Mission - Empowerment of Women.
Strategy - Training and Awareness creation, leading to self-help. Providing forward and backward linkages to motivate women to take up economic activities 

17.77 lakhs women in 1.03 lakhs SHGs working their way to self-reliance and empowerment and over 21,000 women trained in various vocations for self- employment and wage employment. Various levels of streamlining with built-in checks and controls and processes with specific time frames, have been instituted to increase the overall efficiency and to make the working-atmosphere in the Corporation more citizen-friendly. 

II. Our Vision

Empowerment of 1 million women in Tamil Nadu 
with special emphasis on the poorest and disadvantaged.

III. Mission

· Social Empowerment 
· Economic Empowerment
· Capacity Building of poor
and disadvantaged women

IV. Commitment

  • We shall continuously strive to actualize our vision and thereby bring about perceptible and sustainable improvement in the lives of our clients.

  • We shall continuously strive to upgrade our performance to offer and achieve the highest quality of service to our clientele and partners.

  • We shall continuously upgrade our service by infusing modern technology, imparting staff training and by re-engineering internal systems and procedures.

  • We welcome our clients to exercise their Right to Information and seek information related to our concern.

  • We commit to working in a transparent and citizen-friendly manner as laid out in our rules and regulations by keeping the public and our partners well informed about our activities and decisions. 

  • We welcome suggestions and critical feed back from our clientele and partners and commit to consider and implement all practical suggestions in the best interest of public.

  • We will continue to forge a harmonious and helpful relationship with all our partners for building up collective institutional capacity and synergy in the best interest of our clients.

  • We will continuously strive to train, update and sensitize our staff on the needs of our clientele and partners so as to achieve our mission at the lowest possible cost and shortest possible time.

V. Expectations

1. We expect the best possible support and cooperation from our clientele and partners in the best interest of our Mission.
2. We expect our partners and clients to understand our constraints and suggest better solutions for accomplishing our  Mission.
3. We expect our partners to work with utmost sincerity, integrity and whole-hearted devotion to our Mission.
4. We expect our partners to act in good faith and disclose correct, proper, true and full information or documents or claims, to enable us to deliver prompt service. 
5. We expect our partners and clients to consciously avoid furnishing wrong or false information or documents.
6. We do not expect our partners and clients to offer any inducements to give up or deviate from our mission or tread a path divergent from our declared work culture or ethos or mission.
7. We do not expect our partners to work at cross-purposes with each other, generating complaints against each other; rather we expect all issues to be openly and amicably discussed and solutions found in the best interests of our clients. 
8. We expect our clients, partners and public to be objective in their appraisal of our performance.