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Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women

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A monthly in-house magazine being printed by DeW and sent to all SHGs since April 1998. In detail...

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TamilNadu Empowerment & Poverty Reduction Project with funding from World Bank seeks to strengthen the efforts of the Government of TN

We are an independent society based in Chennai, Tamilnadu, formed by the Tamilnadu Corporation(TNCDW) for development of Women.

We welcome students, academicians, NGOs, women networks to join a debate on Gender and State policy. In detail...

We are happy to invite the various category of persons to work with us or our partner organizations on a variety of topics of research. In Detail...

Post Tsunami Sustainable Livelihood Programme for the coastal communities of Tamil Nadu (PTSLP) assisted by International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) In Detail...

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